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Matzah Cover

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Matzah Cover

Matzah cover (1995). 100% cotton. Pieced patchwork, with counted cross-stitch and hand-stitched lettering and details. Measurements: 24"x24."

When I designed this cover, I knew that I wanted to avoid the usual blue or red velvet, machine-stitched designs that are so popular. In the center, I placed a dresden plate motif, with the Hebrew words for "Holiday of Matzot" stitched across it. On each of the four sides, I depicted a theme from the Passover Haggadah. For example, on the Seder night, we retell the story of the Israelites: Exodus from slavery in Egypt. This begins with the Four Questions, which are designed to involve children in retelling and reenacting the story of the Exodus. Here I wrote the opening words to the first of the Four Questions, starting with the words, "Why is this night different from all other nights?" and then stitched pictures to symbolize the answers: matzah, bitter herbs, the egg with salt water, and a rabbit reclining on a pillow. To depict the "Four Sons," who characterize four approaches to the Exodus, I used four animals: a monkey for the Wise Son, an alligator for the Evil Son, a rhinoceros for the Simple Son, and a goose for the son who could not even ask any questions. On the third side, I stitched in Hebrew the commandment that everyone at the Seder must drink the Four Cups of wine, and then stitched the cups of wine, together with the four different expressions describing how God saved the Jews in Egypt: "I brought them out," "I saved them," "I carried them," and "I saved them." (Exodus 6:6-7) The cover is divided into three compartments to hold the three separate pieces of matzah that represent the three groups of Jews, Cohanim, Levites, and Israelites, and each compartment is marked with a hand-stitched tab for "Cohen," "Levi," and "Israel."

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