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Matzah Cover

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Matzah Cover

Matzah cover (1997). 100% cotton. Pieced patchwork, with machine quilting and hand-stitched lettering and details. Measurements: 22-1/2"x22-1/2."

This cover uses a large, sixteen-pointed sunburst in a vivid brown print that reminds me of the exodus from Egypt (lots of action and figures), and a light-colored tan fabric that looks like a piece of matzah. The entire sunburst is set against a stormy brown and black background, which is probably how the sky looked that last night when God lost patience with Pharaoh and slew the Egyptian firstborn. The entire design is bordered with multicolored strips of fabric, with the words, "Chag Ha-Matzot," or "Holiday of Matzot," stitched in Hebrew at the top. In each corner there is a cup of wine and one of the four different expressions that describe how God saved the Jews in Egypt: "I brought them out," "I saved them," "I carried them," and "I saved them." (Exodus 6:6-7) The cover is divided into three compartments to hold the three separate pieces of matzah that represent the three groups of Jews, Cohanim, Levites, and Israelites, and each compartment is marked with a handstitched tab for "Cohen," "Levi," and "Israel."

Please contact us to discuss colors, size, and style for your own one-of-a-kind Matzah Cover.

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