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Challah Cover

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Challah Cover

Shabbat challah cover (1998). 100% cotton. Pieced patchwork, with machine quilting and hand-stitched lettering. Measurements: 16"x16."

In the center, the blue-and-green mariner's starburst floats out from the yellow background. Because the challah cover is always used to cover two loaves, I have stitched on the inside border in Hebrew, "And on the sixth day they gathered a double portion." This reminds us that, after God had commanded the Israelites to refrain from work on the Sabbath, he also provided them with a double portion of bread on friday to ensure that they did not go hungry (Exodus 16:22). The outside border is made up of multicolored fabric strips that incorporate the colors in the star, together with aqua squares in the corners to bring the eye back to the design in the center. The entire piece is quilted to show the wealth of detail and textures on both the front and reverse sides.

Please contact us to discuss colors, size, and style for your own one-of-a-kind Challah Cover.

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